Virtual Gastric Band – How Does it Work?

There is a new process for weight loss that has been developed over the past couple of years. It is coming to America from Europe and the UK and there are some trials underway to test how well Americans respond to the virtual gastric band process.

Virtual Gastric Band

This body is ready for the virtual gastric band

The virtual gastric band uses the imagination rather than the scalpel to help overweight people to regain control over their eating and activity behaviors. You probably already know what the gastric band surgeries or weight loss surgeries encompass. The procedure is performed in a hospital operating room where a team of surgeons and nurses make small incisions in your chest and stomach and slip tiny surgical instruments and cameras into your inner body. They cut and burn a tunnel around your stomach and attach a banding device that can section off the top part of your stomach. The size of this top part of your stomach can be adjusted so that it can be made to receive only a very small amount of food. So you become physically incapable of eating more than 4 or 5 mouthfuls comfortably.

Once this surgical operation is performed, if you were to eat more than your new smaller stomach can hold, you will become physically incapacitated. This is a common result that is called “dumping”. It is so common that a word was devised to describe the phenomenon. The reason for the surgery is to make it mandatory for you to eat smaller amounts of food. Smaller meals will mean greater weight loss. But there is no guarantee that you will eat smaller meals, even if you have the operation. And there are times when those who have had the operation have overeaten and caused more problems to themselves because their internal organs were changed.

virtual gastric band

The surgical process for the virtual gastric band

This new weight loss program, the virtual gastric band, capitalizes on the imagery of the surgical procedure. Using your imagination, you will be convinced that you have had the band implanted and you will respond as if you actually have had the operation. Your mind is a very powerful tool for change and your imagination is the key to your failures and your successes. Anything that you can imagine vividly enough, your body will respond as if it is true.

So by using the power of your mind, your stomach will feel smaller and you will find yourself eating smaller amounts of food as a result. The program is also designed to deal with and work through the reasons that you have eaten too much in the past. Whether those reasons are habits or emotions, your reasons for overeating will evaporate. Leaving you with the ability to build the new habits that will sustain your new healthier lifestyle for the rest of your life.

You can take advantage of this new virtual gastric band process right now in NYC by contacting Marc Carlin at 212 223-1832. This is an economical approach to weight loss and is being offered at a very reduced price while the initial trials are performed.

virtual gastric band

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Tags: hypnosis for weight loss, virtual gastric band, virtual lapband, weight loss hypnosis

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