How To Know If Gastric Band Hypnosis Will Work For You

If you are reading this, then you have probably already heard about gastric band hypnosis. You probably already know what the virtual gastric band process is about. That it doesn’t involve you getting any real surgery at all. You will probably have heard that it’s the process that uses your imagination in a very powerful way to help you believe that you are going to get a gastric band installed inside. And your beliefs will help to foster the physical sensations that arise as a result of actually having undergone the real surgery.

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Don't model the art, create your own art with virtual gastric band

After the real surgery, most patients physically feel a tightness in their stomach. After all there is a restrictive band placed around the top part of their stomach. And there was also a surgical procedure that took place leaving cuts held together with stitches. There is a feeling of discomfort around those cuts and the shuffling of internal organs after the real surgery.

If you have never had the real surgery, then you might not have all of those physical discomforts, and if you have had the real surgery, the chances of you re-experiencing all or most of them is very likely. Because your body has already learned how to create those sensations and responses. So it will do what it’s called upon to do while in hypnosis. And you will get a replay of the feelings and sensations of what’s familiar. But what if you’ve never had the surgery before, what will you experience then?

If you have never had the surgery, then you will start to use your imagination to create the sensations that you believe you should feel. Your imagination will draw upon any other types of experiences that are similar. So if you have ever cut yourself so badly that you needed stitches, then you will use the experiences that you have had from that occurrence and re-live the sensations that your body has learned previously. Your imagination can also be used to think how you or someone else would have felt in a similar situation. For example, how many times have you felt something for a character in a movie who was undergoing an especially trying time? Even though you might not have had the same experience as that character, you could identify with what they were feeling and you might have even started to feel what they were feeling. Or at least you were feeling what you thought they would be feeling.

And that’s how your own creative mind works and will be put to use for your own benefit with gastric band hypnosis. With the virtual gastric band, your mind, once it accepts that a change has taken place, will start to respond using your body. You will feel the physical sensations of what it believes you should be feeling. Whether you have ever really had those experiences or not. Your mind already has an idea of how you should be responding and you will respond accordingly.

So if the idea of getting a virtual gastric band installed is something that appeals to you, chances are you will be very receptive to the process and will benefit greatly as you have your own virtual gastric band installed. Once you go through the program you will not only get the tools that will help you to curb your appetite physically, you will learn how to respond to your other emotions better.

You can get started with your own virtual gastric band by calling Marc Carlin at 212 223-1832. If the line is busy or your call goes to voice-mail, leave a brief message and your call will be returned within 24 hours, most times, within 90 minutes.

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Tags: hypnosis for weight loss, virtual gastric band, virtual lapband, weight loss hypnosis

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