Does Hypnosis Gastric Band Work?

One of the most effective ways of using hypnosis that I have found is the Gastric Band Hypnotherapy. Now you might have seen it called lap band hypnosis on CBS-TV News, or seen it referred to as hypnotherapy gastric band, or the virtual gastric band it would seem to be all based on the concept of using the imagination to create a belief in the subconscious mind that a stomach surgery has been performed. And this altered stomach will cause a changed response to how you now view your capacity to eat food.

Marc Carlin featured on CBS-TV News

Successful weight loss program with Marc Carlin's Hypnosis gastric band is profiled on CBS-TV news

I have been doing weight loss hypnosis for over a dozen years and have always done my best to assist my clients to get the results that they come to me for. During that time I have also had great success with smoking cessation hypnosis. And the results in that area always seemed to be greater than in the area of weight loss hypnosis. For example, because I have been continuously refining and improving my hypnosis programs, in the past two years I have had a 100% success rate with my quit smoking clients leaving my office claiming to be non smokers. That’s a fantastic result and I am very proud of it. There are those that do need additional work after they leave and that is why I do not offer a one session program. I think it is unfair to you if you are seeking assistance in stop smoking to have all that pressure on you to be finished in only one session. And my clients success rate remains extremely high even for those few who need the additional work.
Unfortunately, hypnotherapy for weight loss has not had the same great results. They were very good, but not the same level of satisfaction for me that I was seeking to achieve for my clients. That is, until now. With the hypnosis gastric band program that I am using I am getting results for my clients that rival my best stop smoking program. Both my clients and I are extremely excited by the results.
This program is based on the work of Sheila Granger, the Clinical Hypnotherapist from the UK, who I brought into the US a couple of months ago to train 24 hypnotists from across Norht America in how to use her program to help people lose weight. Sheila has been getting 95% success for her work in the UK. She has done two group trials that have gotten these high results, and she has seen hundreds of clients on an individual basis where she says she gets the same type of success.

In my own work, in the 20 clients that I have seen so far who have finished the program, I have had only 1 person not lose weight. And I am continuing to work with that client to find out what is keeping them from losing weight.

If you haven’t seen the CBS-TV News broadcast that was shown on the 11 o’clock news you can view it here:

Do you think this could work for you? What do you think would be the stumbling blocks to you personally that could prevent you from using hypnosis gastric band to retrain your mind to eat the correct amount of food for you body?

I’d love to hear your feedback, so feel free to comment below. Spam will not be approved, so have something appropriate to say. You don’t have to agree with this post, just have a valid point to make.

virtual gastric band trials

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Tags: gastric band hypnosis, gastric band hypnotherapy, hypno gastric band, hypnosis gastric band, hypnotherapy gastric band, virtual gastric band

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